“a synth-studded dream, illuminated by singer Angela Correa’s unadulterated vocals and dreamy, surreal otherworldly execution” – onlinerock.com

“It’s impossible to listen to the opening seconds of Correatown’s Pleiades without feeling something, whether it’s hope, joy, melancholy, or despair.” – Bust Magazine

“Correa could sing the horoscopes and draw you in…”-Popmatters.com

“sweet songs of love and longing that you want them to be the soundtrack of all sublime moments of your life.” – OC Weekly

“winsome, Americana-oriented folk-pop suddenly elevated to the cumulus of dream-pop…”- BuzzBands LA

“Poetic and precise, a perfect introduction to the band’s ethereal style, highlighting front woman Angela Correa’s vision of a multi-instrumental blend of shimmering melodies and effervescent harmonies.” – Guilt Free Pleasures

“Embrace the Fuzzy Unknown” by Correatown / Highline Records
Worldwide- November 27, 2015 CD + DIGITAL

“Sleep and Other Drugs” by Correatown  / Another Room Recordings
Worldwide – October 2014 DIGITAL

“Pleiades” by Correatown/ Highline Records
UK/Europe – August 2012
North America – October 2012 VINYL, CD + DIGITAL

“Spark. Burn. Fade.” by Correatown / Another Room Recordings
Worldwide – July 2009 VINYL + DIGITAL

“Correatown” by Angela Correa / Another Room Recordings
Worldwide – March 2005 OUT OF PRINT + DIGITAL

“Murder Ballads & Other Songs” by Angela Correa / Another Room Recordings
Worldwide – November 2004 OUT OF PRINT + DIGITAL

“Red Room Songs” by Angela Correa / Another Room Recordings
Worldwide- January 2002 OUT OF PRINT + DIGITAL



Angela Correa at This from THIS on Vimeo.

“La Serena” – made for Little Videos by Elliot Glass

“Valparaiso” – made for Little Videos by Elliot Glass

“Further” from Pleiades

“Play” from Pleiades

Correatown “Play” from OMG Cameras on Vimeo.

“All The World (I Tell Myself)” from Spark. Burn. Fade.


Correatown is the solo project of LA based Angela Correa. Correatown blends warm, ethereal production with heartfelt lyricism and irrepressible hooks to craft beautiful indie pop. Her music has featured on Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Private Practice and How I Met Your Mother. Her new album Embrace the Fuzzy Unknown is her sixth studio album, and her second release on Highline Records.

Correatown is the musical project of Angela Correa, an LA based artist whose latest album Embrace the Fuzzy Unknown will be released on Highline Records November 27th worldwide. A floating tapestry of textures and melodies, ETFUseamlessly articulates Correa’s capacity for story telling, weaving her emotive lyricism around delicate layered arrangements anchored by her mellifluous voice. Originally from the small town of Yuba City in Northern California Correa has travelled the globe, eventually settling in Los Angeles’ Eastside. In previous incarnations, Correatown was an amalgam of early folk and indie-pop sensibility; but over the past few years the sound has evolved into a lusher, more textured experience.Angela Correa/ Correatown have released five full-length albums and two EPs on her own label in the U.S, Another Room Recordings or on UK’s Highline Records. Her songs have appeared on television and film worldwide, including Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Brothers and Sisters and How I Met Your MotherHer voice was featured in the Sony Pictures film “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” on the song “Let’s Duet” and in 2012 Further was included on the Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack Vol 4.

Angela recently scored her first film, Coley Sohn’s independent feature Sassy Pants, which was released in October 2012 for which she was nominated for “Best Song/Music” at the Venice International Film Festival.  Other major film uses include Scott Hicks’ film, The Lucky One starring Zac Efron, and Admissions starring Tina Fey.

As adapt a solo performer as she is with a band, British & European audiences got their first opportunity to see Angela Correa in 2009 when she toured with Tom Brosseau. The following year they toured as a the duo Les Shelleys, released on Fat Cat. Angela toured her previous Highline Release, Pleiades throughout Europe, as well as giving crowd pleasing performances at past SXSW festivals and CMJ through the years.  Indie blogs have responded most favorably, including Spin Magazine who included Correatown in their list of “46 Next Big Things” in 2012.


“…she’s become one of our favorites, quietly building a following of slo-folk enthusiasts, murder ballad aficionados, and people who just love a purty voice. And since we fall under all those categories, it was perhaps destiny that we would fall madly in love with Angela Correa. “ -LA Underground

“There’s an inescapably seductive quality to Angela Correa’s songs…” -Splendid Ezine

“If she’s a folk singer then she’s the darkest folk singer you’ll have heard for a while and if she’s a country artist then she mines depths that even three chords and a truth rarely manage. But whichever genre you choose to place her in, one thing is certain, you’ll never have heard anything quite like her before.”-Americana UK

“We just got Angela Correa’s mysterious self-released CD, Correatown, in the mail and fell in love with her hooky balladry and vulnerable, slightly twangy vocals. You read it here first: Angela Correa, who just moved here from San Diego, is going to be a much loved L.A. artist in about 10 minutes.”-LA Weekly

“An unwavering commitment to artistic integrity and independence has helped Correa generate a thoughtful, intuitive catalog of songs that appeals to virtually anyone with an ear for subtle beauty.”- Salt Lake City Weekly

“…decidedly heartfelt take on human interaction… Her vocals (a girl-next-door Regina Spektor) and storytelling (lyrically twining but never elliptical) suit her subject matter.”- Los Angeles Times Buzz Bands

UK Press—> Amanda Freeman, Freeman PR
US Press—> Kelly McClure, Team Clermont
Label-UK/Euro Distribution—> Highline Records/PIAS
Label -USA/NORTH AMERICA Distribution —-> Highline Records/RedEye
Correatown—> angelacorreatown @ gmail.com