Three years have passed since Correatown released the critically acclaimed dream-pop Pleiades, and Angela Correa has barely broken stride. Between getting married, touring in Europe and having a child, she managed to create two albums – 2014’s surprise collection, Sleep and Other Drugs, self-released in tandem with the birth of her daughter, and the forthcoming Embrace the Fuzzy Unknown.

Embrace the Fuzzy Unknown is a collection of songs written and recorded between 2012 and 2015. It was created during a whirlwind of massive life changes, glimpses of the future and the wonderings of purpose during milestones that are both transformative and terrifying.

Having built a fanbase with her debut album Spark. Burn. Fade, Correatown’s listeners continued to grow through her work in TV and film music and her collaboration with Tom Brosseau as Les Shelleys. Pleiades saw Correatown expanding both her global audience and her sonic horizons.

With a keen eye for observation, Correatown’s songs draw upon deeply personal and universally relatable life motifs to create plush, sensuous dream pop. Opener Eyes to the Sky is an intoxicating celebration of falling for your friends and lovers, blending analog synths, handclap polyrhythms and dark molasses guitar tones.

Craft and a DIY ethic have been constants in Correatown’s career, and Longshot muses on the conundrum of love versus lucre in creative life. She sings, “Is it better than nothing if I’m hardly paid? Friends all think that I’ve got it made.”  The song’s joyful ebullience contrasts the weight of its message, and builds momentum like a rally cry for conflicted dreamers in a world of endless possibility and limited fortune.

Dream states abound in Correatown’s songwriting, and resonate through the delicate insomnia of Small Hours and the ethereal recollections of Bonfires. Unrestrained pop sensibilities shine through in the lush indie party beats of True North.

All Horizon contemplates the gap between our youthful expectations and our adult realities. Correa writes, “Sometimes the life we have is just as beautiful, if not more so than the life we imagined because it’s ours and it’s real. Sometimes it’s even better because we’ve lived through all the days and moments to get there.”

Correatown’s new album reflects and revels in change and evolution. Songs muse about purpose, marvel with surprise and splendor towards the future, and wonder if this is all that there is. Without answers to these questions, the music implores us to Embrace the Fuzzy Unknown.

The album was produced by Dan Long (Babes, Film School, Kevin Devine) and is out worldwide on Highline Records on November 27th.