Dear Trouble, The Blacklist, Magic, and Friends

Friends- tonight you can hear a song that feels new and shiny because it’s been previous unreleased. I originally released an spare acoustic version the day after my baby girl Everly Ann was born. Today the song I share with you is fully realized and filled out with kicked back drums, dreamy guitar and swooping violins and magic sprinkled all over for good measure.

The song was included in tonight’s episode of THE BLACKLIST on NBC. We’re thrilled and excited to share it with you!

This version was recorded at Red Rockets Glare studios in Los Angeles, Ca and produced by Raymond Richards. A group of us hung out at his beautiful old place one afternoon and made some music. Then we went out and ate tacos while drinking margaritas and tequila. Music making equals magic.

It’s available for purchase or listening at BANDCAMP:

Or you can find it on Itunes and other online spots.




beginnings and more beginnings

I went to a reading last night and had my mind teased and prodded in the best way.

It had already been a rather intense furrowing of the brow kind of day. The morning was spent deep in thought running multiple lines of words and melody through my head at the same time. I’ve finally realized I’m most productive if I dive into the deep end with held breath, resurfacing only in fits and bursts for a quick sharp gasp of air. Gulping, I relish the descent back into the waters, unseen and silent for another week.

Feeling less like a hermit than in years past, I just recognize my need for solitude and silence when I’m writing. A room of my own, as Virginia Wolfe would say. It feels slightly antisocial but it’s a requirement for good work, for me at least. Actually, when staying at a friends in London last week for a songwriting workshop, I read an intriguing book, Quiet by Susan Cain that sat on the nightstand by my bed. It’s not an unusual requirement according to her. It’s just unpopular in western culture, or American culture. Anyhow, that’s neither here nor there, but if you’re remotely curious about Introverts + Extroverts, get yourself to a bookshop. Quick.

I almost couldn’t make it out. I was worried about interrupting my flow. I shouldn’t have been.

My big night out and away from my little studio was a glorious night of mind fireworks. A friend of mine, Robert Krut, has a new collection of poems out called This Is The Ocean and he read several pieces from his wonderfully evocative poetry. Bold and visual images swirled into delicate and vulnerable whispers. His poems leave you feeling privy to the words exchanged by lovers, and the promises sung to children by parents. It’s beautiful stuff. There were two other writers that read under the glowing bistro lights and in particular Wendy C. Ortiz‘s writing really caught my ear. She’s got a beautiful way of stringing words together, swirling beads spinning on a thin metal chain.

If you are a lover of words to linger over and slip deeply into, these two are your kind of poets. I’m currently obsessed with the poem ADMISSION IS A PROMISE, THE EXIT IS A LIE but I’ll leave you with these three lovely pieces.





Spiders, Butterflys and George Méliès

Recently some one asked me about making videos and whether I enjoy working in different mediums. The short answers is: YES. The long answer is: I do indeed, but it takes so many more people than just me to create something truly special and takes a budget to bring us all together. And I never have a budget, and I have a hard time asking for help. I save up my requests for help for BIG things, like our kickstarter for example.

Videos. So many people find and listen to music these days by visual means, right? Videos and clips and little bits of eye candy that you can watch on your phone. It seems like what our publicists call “assets” are seemingly more important sometimes than the music we make when we release an album. A video or some such asset is a requirement for anyone to consider writing about/blogging about/caring about the new album that took years to create and all our savings to make real outside our heads. Surely, when you decided to be a musician you also signed a deal with the universe that you would create videos too, right? As if the collective sigh of the humanity is swaying toward the primal wail for more… music isn’t enough now, give us a new way to experience it. Where’s the video?

But I digress.

So I give you a faux video for “Valparaiso (Pleiades Remix)” that I cobbled together in February before tour, but that nobody deemed cool enough to premiere, so it sat unlisted and forgotten about. Until today, when I, Angela Correa, deem it cool enough for me. Ahem, actually somebody did premiere this video just a month or so ago. Thank you kindly PAPERMAG. You rule. As do you, dear reader. You rule too!
It’s a silly little clip I pulled together from old public domain footage I found on a strange little archive on the interwebs. The lovely Angela from Piney Gir had given me the idea of exploring public domain archives for footage when I didn’t have time to shoot, direct, edit, and piece together an original idea. Thanks Piney! I never expected to find such a treasure trove of glorious oddities. Seriously strange and wonderful what people choose to post and share.

But then I stumbled across this old footage in beautifully saturated color that made my eyes pop a bit wider and my heart skip a little baby beat in joy. I’d seen that sweet little film that came out recently, HUGO directed by Martin Scorsese and had been fascinated by the character of George Méliès and his wonderful sci-fi fantasy films. So imagine my surprise when those very films were on this PD archive.

Sometimes, because something makes me happy is enough of a reason. So here you go. I hope this makes you feel a little sweet, like a perfect salted caramel macaron from Bottega Louie on the inside too.

Shine Right Through My Dear

You know, I’ve come to understand I have a knack for finding little cracks on the sidewalk and wandering around capturing images when I should be doing other things. The wonderful fall out from my odd habits are these archives of old video footage I seem to have in my computer folders. And so, when someone says “Hey Angie, we really need you to make a video, but we have no budget” well I dig deep into my little folders and see what stories I can tease out of old memories or nice little moments. So it turns out all that goofing off and daydreaming was really me getting things done. Who knew?

This video is a bit of that.

It’s my love song to sweet friend Yukiko who brought me little balls made of rice paper from Tokyo when she came to visit this summer. We hadn’t seen each other for years. It was a magical visit. She also made the most memorable Lemon Zest + Olive Oil pasta! I make it all the time myself now and think of her.

It’s a road trip Rob and I took last Fall after we self-released Pleiades in the USA. I was so exhausted from the months of work to put out an album I’d poured so much time, money and heart into. I think I was a bit sad too. It’s funny how sometimes after an album launch or tour, you feel not only depleted but just spent inside and out. Collapsible. Like one of those old camping accordion style plastic cups from before we knew plastic was so nasty to drink and eat from… Oooops.

It’s my sister’s babies running around the lawn in a Guayabera shirt and embroidered dress I brought back from Mexico.
They made my cheeks hurt, I smiled so much.

There’s more in there too… a trip to Big Bear Lake with some good friends. Some walking around church steps after a wedding in London when the ever-lovely Heather Willensky from Highline Records was helping me catch a bus to Oxford for a show with our labelmates Alphabet Backwards. I wore those boots for 6 weeks straight on tour this summer.

Anyhow- I’ve been thinking of having a video project that might involve you…
would that captivate you?


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