Dear Trouble, The Blacklist, Magic, and Friends

Friends- tonight you can hear a song that feels new and shiny because it’s been previous unreleased. I originally released an spare acoustic version the day after my baby girl Everly Ann was born. Today the song I share with you is fully realized and filled out with kicked back drums, dreamy guitar and swooping violins and magic sprinkled all over for good measure.

The song was included in tonight’s episode of THE BLACKLIST on NBC. We’re thrilled and excited to share it with you!

This version was recorded at Red Rockets Glare studios in Los Angeles, Ca and produced by Raymond Richards. A group of us hung out at his beautiful old place one afternoon and made some music. Then we went out and ate tacos while drinking margaritas and tequila. Music making equals magic.

It’s available for purchase or listening at BANDCAMP:

Or you can find it on Itunes and other online spots.